Medicine survey app adopts modern cloud security & achieves HIPAA compliance
About the Customer
rXperius’ consulting business provides strategic drug development guidance to small and emerging pharma companies looking to engage the FDA to advance drug development programs.

It does so by introducing first-in-class mobile apps that enable patients to easily provide critical feedback and unique insights in real time and over time. Actionable feedback can help pharma companies improve the customer experience and drive product performance.
The Challenge
rXperius faced a multifaceted challenge in modernizing its infrastructure for improved utilization and scalability within a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. Beyond the need for optimization, automation, and better management, a critical aspect was enhancing the system’s resilience to ensure continuous operation and minimal downtime. This required addressing:
The criticality of applications to the business and the potential impact of downtime on customers.
The need for a robust architecture capable of withstanding disruptions and quickly recovering from incidents.
The integration of resilience into the infrastructure design to achieve impeccable availability levels.
The Solution
Our approach integrates automation with a strong focus on resilience, utilizing reliable Infrastructure-as-Code methodologies and implementing security best practices. To build a foundation for resilience, we:
Deployed an AWS Organization with multiple accounts for segmented control, following the AWS Security Reference Architecture for enhanced security and operational resilience.
Implemented AWS SSO with G-Suite, ensuring secure and controlled access while supporting the system’s elasticity and failover capabilities.
Utilized AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Guard Duty, and AWS Security Hub not just for monitoring and security, but also to enable rapid response to performance changes and potential disruptions.
Migrated to AWS ECS, ensuring the backend platform is not only scalable and secure but also resilient, with automated scaling and management of containerized applications.
Adopted AWS Application Load Balancer in conjunction with Amazon ECS to support resilient content-based routing and application deployment in containers.
To directly address resilience, we:
Designed the infrastructure with high availability and redundancy at its core, using Amazon VPC to create a private, isolated section of the AWS Cloud. This ensures critical workloads are secure and maintain high availability.
Implemented automated failover mechanisms and real-time data replication, significantly reducing the risk of downtime and enabling quick recovery from incidents.
Deployed comprehensive disaster recovery strategies, including AWS Lambda for custom automation of recovery tasks and AWS RDS Aurora Serverless for resilient database services.
Why safeINIT
safeINIT, as an AWS Well-Architected Partner and Advanced Services Partner, leverages deep expertise in developing customized Landing Zones. Our approach is tailored to meet rigorous compliance and resilience requirements, ensuring that rXperius’ infrastructure not only meets HIPAA standards but is also robust against disruptions, maintaining business continuity and protecting customer data.
After careful research, rXperius selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable rapid deployment and reduce investment in its infrastructure.

The company uses Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) for its deployment environment, provisioning an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to connect the company’s on-premises physical servers to the AWS Cloud.

Additionally, Amazon CloudFront was set up as a platform for content delivery, enabling low latency and high download speeds worldwide, no matter where the company’s applications are deployed.

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS Aurora Serverless) manages customer data and BI reports are generated using custom AWS Lambda functions. Using Amazon CloudWatch and AWS OpenSearch helps the rXperius team gain insight into the application-generated logs without the need to remotely log in to the servers.

AWS Application Load Balancer is integrated with Amazon ECS to manage workloads and support content-based routing and applications that run in containers. Amazon CloudWatch responds to system-wide performance changes, optimizes resource utilization, and provides a unified view of operational health.
Results and Benefits
With safeINIT’s expertise, rXperius significantly enhanced its infrastructure’s resilience, achieving:
Impeccable availability levels, minimizing the potential impact of downtime on critical business operations and customer satisfaction.
A resilient architecture that aligns with AWS standards, ensuring continuous operation and swift recovery from disruptions.
Enhanced security and compliance, with critical data encrypted and protected within a privately networked environment.
This infrastructure overhaul not only improved security and efficiency but fundamentally enhanced the system’s resilience. By leveraging AWS’ robust architecture, rXperius ensures that critical workloads are secure, highly available, and resilient, safeguarding their brand reputation and financial stability through continuous operations and quick recovery capabilities.
rXperius can now quickly go from ideas to actually creating, testing, and merging them into their code, to ultimately deliver new features to their users.
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