Online therapy provider achieves HIPAA compliance and boosts productivity & reliability with AWS.
About the Customer
i2iConnect is a HIPAA-compliant practice management and teletherapy platform, building "Relationship-centered Technology" to improve outcomes and revolutionize the delivery of behavioral healthcare.
I highly recommend Cosmin and the safeINIT team. Over the past two years, they helped us to build and maintain our AWS infrastructure. Throughout this process they have always proven themselves to be knowledgeable, responsive and reliable. I sleep easier at night knowing that our platform is in their capable hands.

Glenn Olds

i2iConnect, Founder & CEO

The Challenge

The initial deployment of i2iConnect's application faced significant limitations, lacking the capability to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and to support essential operational requirements such as high-availability and robust security. More critically, the platform's inability to guarantee uninterrupted service posed a substantial risk to patient care. Downtime, even brief, could disrupt vital teletherapy sessions, negatively affecting patient outcomes and eroding trust in i2iConnect's services.

The Solution

Our solution was not just about meeting compliance and security benchmarks; it was about building a resilient infrastructure that could support i2iConnect's mission-critical services without fail. By adopting an automation-first approach with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), we laid the groundwork for a system architecture designed to ensure operational continuity and reliability. Implementing the safeINIT solution revolutionized i2iConnect's infrastructure by:
Implemented failover strategies and redundancy to ensure uninterrupted service, vital for the reliability of teletherapy sessions.
Seamlessly met HIPAA and other regulatory standards, embedding compliance into the infrastructure core.
Integrated cutting-edge security practices automatically, minimizing vulnerabilities and enhancing data protection.
Enabled dynamic scaling and adaptability to handle varying loads, crucial for growing user bases and peak demand times.
Why safeINIT
Having delivered numerous successful projects in the past alongside i2iConnect’s CISO and HIPAA consultant, we were brought in because of our extensive AWS knowledge and blazing-fast delivery times. The high-touch approach and involvement on all organizational levels, from upper management to developers, is what ultimately secured the customer’s confidence in our abilities.
Why AWS for resilience
AWS was chosen for its broad range of services, competitive pricing model, and proven track record with global service providers.

We followed the AWS Security Reference Architecture and deployed an AWS Organization consisting of multiple accounts, each with a well-predefined role. Access to the environment is granted through AWS SSO integrated with the customer’s Google IdP. Various security services are used to govern and monitor the environment, such as AWS Guard Duty, AWS Security Hub, AWS Config, AWS CloudWatch, etc. Choosing AWS as the foundation for this solution was pivotal due to its comprehensive suite of resilience-focused services. We leveraged specific AWS offerings to build a resilient architecture that included:
AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to distribute incoming application traffic across multiple targets, reducing the risk of downtime
Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments for high availability and automatic failover support for database instances, ensuring data integrity and availability
Amazon S3 for scalable, secure object storage with 99.999999999% durability, protecting critical patient data against loss
AWS Auto Scaling to adjust capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost, even under unpredictable workloads
Resilience Beyond Technology
The strategic use of these AWS services underscored our commitment to not just addressing the immediate technical challenges but also ensuring the application's resilience was deeply integrated into its architecture. This meant designing for high availability, redundancy, and failover processes that were seamless and automatic, minimizing potential service interruptions to negligible levels.
Results and Enhanced Business Continuity
The immediate result was a boost of confidence from the customer’s business associates in terms of overall system security. Together with the CISO we filled out the HIPAA compliance report and checked all the missing boxes.

The implementation of this resilience-focused architecture resulted in:
Improving the application’s reliability and cost-effectiveness
Reducing the time to scale by over 75%
Decreasing database and compute costs by 50%
Streamlining application development process
A demonstrable improvement in the application’s availability and reliability, crucial for uninterrupted teletherapy sessions
A significant reduction in the potential impact of downtime on patient care, safeguarding the continuity of critical health services
Enhanced operational efficiency and scalability, enabling i2iConnect to focus on growth and innovation with confidence in their platform’s reliability
In addition to the operational improvements, our solution significantly bolstered the application's resilience, a critical factor for a teletherapy platform like i2iConnect. By implementing a multi-layered security approach, we fortified the application against potential threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring continuous protection of sensitive patient data. This included advanced encryption for data at rest and in transit, regular security audits, and automated compliance checks to adhere to HIPAA regulations.

Furthermore, our governance framework established clear policies and procedures for data handling, access control, and incident response, enhancing the overall security posture. The application's architecture was redesigned for high availability, with redundancies and failover strategies in place to ensure uninterrupted service, crucial for the reliability of i2iConnect's teletherapy sessions.

These enhancements not only safeguarded the application against disruptions but also laid a robust foundation for i2iConnect's sustained growth and scalability in the healthcare sector.
By prioritizing resilience and leveraging AWS' robust service ecosystem, safeINIT delivered a solution that not only met i2iConnect's security and compliance needs but also established a fail-safe operational environment. This ensured that i2iConnect could maintain its commitment to providing reliable, uninterrupted teletherapy services, a cornerstone of their value proposition to patients and partners alike.
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