safeINIT has deep expertise in the development and implementation of highly customized Landing Zones, perfectly adaptable to the rigorous compliance requirements outlined in HIPAA.

We provide an automation-first approach, using battle tested Infrastructure-as-Code methodologies and security best practices.
safeINIT are fabulous. I've worked with them several times on setting up AWS Cloud infrastructure, in a highly secure and scalable way. They worked really well in the teams I set up, and can work equally well with leadership, customers and developers alike.

Robin Donaldson

Entrepreneur, HIPAA Consultant

As seen on the official APN blog

Achieving Compliance with Healthcare Regulations Using safeINIT’s HIPAA-Compliant Environment

Healthcare organizations must take strict measures to protect patient data, including using secure infrastructure to host applications...

Implementing the safeINIT solution helps you rapidly and securely adopt the AWS cloud, allowing you to focus on application development.
Secure by default
Long-term technical effort ensures that the right security primitives are built into the related cloud resources.
Speed and scalability
Deploying now takes hours instead of weeks. Quickly scale environments up and down with simple parameter modifications.
Quickly turn features on and off using toggles built in the infrastructure code.
Better grasp of the costs
A consolidated billing approach means visibility into each AWS account and understanding of associated costs.
Technology Stack
The following services are part of the standard deployment and can be customized according to your needs:
AWS Security Hub
Amazon Guard Duty
AWS Config
AWS Service Control Policies (SCP)
AWS CloudWatch
We may also include ready made modules, highly customizable, which improve the security and operational readiness of your application. Below are just a few:
Amazon CloudFront
AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
AWS Open Search
Assessment meetings with our expert architects - AWS professionally certified
Proposed infrastructure diagram (north star)
AWS Organization consisting of multiple AWS accounts
Git repository populated with OpenTofu code
An Infrastructure Management Framework built on native AWS services
Account specific OpenTofu modules connected to safeINIT central repositories
Accelerated LZ deployment
safeINIT will deploy and customize a secure Landing Zone, compliant to HIPAA regulations. At the customer’s request, we can also help you deploy your application on top, while suggesting potential refactoring in order to better leverage the AWS cloud and offload management overhead to managed services.
Eligible for AWS credits
safeINIT, in partnership with AWS, is offering a Well-Architected Review for qualified clients that will enable them to receive $5,000 in AWS credits, per critical workload, to remediate top critical issues. The review can be conducted once the application is ready to go live.
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