IT disasters, such as data center failures, server data corruption, or cyber-attacks, can disrupt your business — impacting your revenue and damaging your reputation in the market.

safeINIT has taken its proven approach using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery to create this BounceBack quick-start program.

We will help you identify key workloads that require disaster recovery capabilities and replicate these workloads into AWS.

As a result, you get minimized downtime and data loss through continuous replication of data with fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers into AWS.

Beyond Disaster Recovery: Building Resilient Architectures with safeINIT

We understand that true resilience goes beyond disaster recovery. Our expertise in Resilience Design enables us to work closely with you to build cloud architectures that are not only robust against unplanned downtime but also optimized for continuous operation with minimal intervention. We focus on:

  • Resilient Software Design Patterns: Implementing architectural patterns that inherently withstand service disruptions, ensuring your critical workloads remain unaffected.
  • DevOps Resilience Practice: Integrating resilience into your DevOps practices, enabling faster, more reliable deployments that are resilient by design.
  • Self-Healing Mechanisms: Using advanced AWS features to create systems that automatically detect and correct faults, reducing the need for manual intervention and safeguarding application availability.
Reduce downtime and protect against data loss with continuous replication
Simplify implementation and increase reliability with automated failover and failback technology
Fast and easy to set up, maintain,monitor, and test with non-disruptive drills
Decrease total cost of ownership with a low-cost staging area; pay for fully provisioned workloads only in a disaster or drill
Protect enterprise applications and databases with a single tool; replicate everything that runs on supported operating systems
Design and implement architectures that ensure high availability and continuity for your business-critical workloads, tailored to your specific operational needs
Your AWS disaster recovery POC can be ready in just 4 weeks with our BounceBack Solution.

This is when we will assess your environment and identify those critical workloads that will benefit from AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.
Map Environment
Identify servers and networking, instance rightsizing, define recovery objectives.
Blueprint corrections needed?
Install Agents
Replication begins into lightweight Staging Area
Configure Blueprint
Define where and how your recovered servers will be launched
Test Target
Perform infrastructure and application acceptance tests
Maintain DR Readiness
Ongoing monitoring, periodic tests, add servers/update settings as needed
Launch servers on AWS and redirect users
Reverse replication and redirect users
You may also be entitled to AWS funding for your POC.

We will work with you and the AWS account team to determine if your project is eligible.

We’ll even manage the application process to accelerate the process & lower the POC cost.

Whether you want to minimize downtime and data loss by realizing fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers into AWS or meet stringent recovery objectives to reduce your disaster recovery TCO, we can help.

Choosing safeINIT for Your AWS Resilience Needs

Partnering with safeINIT for your AWS resilience needs means you're working with a team dedicated to ensuring your business thrives, even in the face of challenges.

  • A Partner in Resilience: Our team's deep expertise in AWS resilience practices means you have a committed partner in your long-term success.
  • Customized Resilience Strategies: We don't just implement solutions; we tailor them to fit your unique business requirements, ensuring optimal performance and resilience.
  • Continuous Improvement and Support: Our relationship doesn't end with implementation. We offer ongoing support and continuous improvement strategies to keep your systems resilient and efficient.

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